Dulux (Custom Locos)

"Dulux" which is his pseudonym started "writing" (the term graffiti artists use to describe their art form) in the early to mid Eighties when the Hip Hop culture from America hit these shores. He was prolific between 1984 to 1990 and retired in 1995 when he married and became a father. He still practices the art form through the medium of airbrush and creates a fantastic homage to those early days of New York and the Bronx through his company "Custom Locos".

''Each Custom Loco is hand-made with painstaking attention to detail, and takes approximately seven days to produce. Custom-painted to each customer’s wishes, customers can have anything from their name to their favourite band, film or favourite saying splashed across the side of the train, in a graffiti font. The attention to detail even extends to choosing from actual Bronx New York backdrops and train destinations, increasing the train’s period authenticity''