William Oxer


"William Oxer's paintings represent a strikingly fresh current in contemporary art. His work is experimental, and he is also willing to take on larger themes as well as demonstrating a delight in detail and minutiae. Very few contemporary artists paint so consistently well."

Dr David Morley, University of Warwick


William has been painting professionally for over 25 years, undertaking regular portrait commissions for private clients and producing artworks for art gallery exhibitions around the world. He works in mainly Oil on canvas and has collectors in America, UK, France, Italy.


"William Oxer is not merely a painter; he is a distinctive sensibility, with a poetic vision he explores in many media. His art is affirmative, evocative and forgiving. He states that the work 'offers us, in short, a return to the true and serious tradition." Professor Roger Scruton, Cambridge


William has just completed a Portrait commission for the Current Vice-President of Skype!!